Nick at Night

Miley's Greatest Year Ever

Miley stole the spotlight in 2013. Nobody got as much news coverage as she did...want to see the timeline in how it all went down?! Click here!

Justin Bieber To Retire!?

The Beebs announced via Twitter that he'd be retiring...not the Christmas present Beliebers wanted..but is it really happening?! Click here to find out!


Eminem feat. Rihanna "The Monster" (Video)

Eminem has released his new video and racked up 2 million views in one day! Click here to watch the video for "The Monster"!

Lorde Announces 2014 Tour

Lorde may never be a royal  but she'll will be a least for a little bit! She's kicking off her tour in Austin this coming March! Find out all the here!

Tequila Shots and Sub Zero Temperatures

A girl in Minnesota almost died because of Tequila...and not because she drank too much but because of what her friends did with her when they were done drinking! Click here to see what happened!

T-Swift, FOB , AGBW and Twerking at the VS Fashion Show

Did you catch Taylor's performance? She did a duet with Fall Out Boy and I came across some back stage VS Fashion Model twerk videos! Click here to check them out!
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