MID-DAYS ~ 11am - 4pm   --  Fabian grew up surrounded by the sounds of the streets and the creative energy of San Antonio. After graduating from John Jay he quickly ventured out into radio. Keeping his ears wide open and his heart to the music he honed his skills with some of radio's most talented voices.

Always redefining his surroundings he starting working from the ground up in promotions moving to production writing his own Fabiancommercials and now to programming. Fabian said, "I believe radio is the greatest community service and should be used more than just to entertain but to educate when possible. It's up to us to take care of our own city"

Fabian has produced an array of morning show's, as well as midday's and a late night show.He is now focusing on his very own gig. "Now I can use everything I have learned and apply it to my own show.
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Each experience has given me inspiration to just be myself everyday plus pay homage to the radio dj's that inspired me."

Fabian's dedication to the community is paramount. He visits high schools, speaks to troubled youth and promotes non-violence. "I have been there, freshman year in high school I made bad choices and saw where I could end up. I chose to make positive changes in my life. From that day on I never looked back." He strives to give back to a younger generation who feels sometimes needs an extra push to think outside the box.
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